Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!!

Well the New Year has arrived and we now look forward to the coming months with much hope and inspiration. This is a time to reflect over the past year and learn from our mistakes. Some of us will start new business ventures others will find that their journey takes them in a totally different direction. Allow your creativity to roam free and let your muse lead the way.  Many of us had a very emotional and stressful time this year. Disasters happened in so many different areas, it was heartwrenching.  This is where empathy for the human condition was shown. People opened their hearts to show that they cared through donations, fundraisers and just good old fashioned hard work in order to try and ease the pain of another.  Often we hear of the ugly things that are going on in the nation and yes, i agree that they should be brought to the forefront but it is wonderful when strength, compassion and determination is shown. This is when we stop being self centered or narcissistic for a moment to care about the plight of another. We may have our personal issues and views about certain things/people but i must say that we come together when it is needed. This gives me so much hope for our society.

I plan to do a tarot forcast for 2013. I feel that there will be many great things on the horizon as well as serious issues that we will have to deal with. It is the cycle of life. Things are forever in flux. Change makes way for new growth without it things would become stagnant.

You know .. this blog went in a totally different direction than i had planned! LOL. I was going to talk about " The Witches Parlor". Hmmm ... oh well, i can write about that later.

Enjoy your day my friends, be blessed & Happy New Year!!


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