Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Spectral Visitor?

This past Sunday night i had a very unusual experience. I was sitting at my computer working on my website as usual when all of a sudden, out the corner of my eye, i see a figure dart from left to right behind me. I quickly swiveled around in my chair to try and see who or what it was but there was nothing to be found. I must admit that the hairs on the back of my neck were on end for a bit afterwards.

For the rest of the night, even when i went to bed, i felt as if there was someone around me. It wasn't a scary feeling. It just left me with unanswered questions. This isn't the first time that i've seen things move pass me out the corner of my eye but there is usually an aroma that accompanies the sightings. For instance my great grandmother always wore Gardenia sachet.
It is one of the precious memories that i have of her. It keeps her fresh in my mind. I find that when i'm upset or really worried about things, the soft scent of gardenia seems to float in the air. I automatically know that it's her and i begin to talk with her. Many times she comes to me in vivid dreams. I knew that the energy in the house wasn't hers it was so different, unfamiliar.

It left me wondering what message it was trying to get across to me or was it was just passing through? Is it an ancestor or an maybe an earthbound spirit? Someone who use to live on this land or in this place? Who knows ... maybe it just likes the house and wants to hang out here before moving on! :) In my prayers and devotions i always welcome spirits into my dwelling ( as long as they don't try and scare the hell out of me. lol )  I've decided to try and communicate in order to maybe get some answers. I'm going to also look up the history of this land which should be very interesting. I'm almost done writing the ritual. I just want to take my time and make sure that everything is in place before perforing the rite.

We are quickly approaching the Autumn Equinox which has always been a special time to me. It is a time when the atmosphere is filled with so much energy. As it draws closer my senses become more keen and i'm able to sense and hear many other things. I feel that this is happening with many other people as well. I choose to work with these energies and speak with those who choose to come through...

Divine Blessings!


  1. I was told many years ago when I acknowledged my gift, being sensitive to spectral company, that I am like a floodlight in a dark room. The same goes for others with this gift. I can, like you, smell, hear, see, feel their presence. I don't know if they all come with a message, waiting to be interpreted, but don't ya wish it was a bit easier to understand them sometimes?! Lol:) I find that protecting my home (salt in the windowsills and doorways, saging the perimeter of my home/property only allows the benevolent spirits into my airspace, puts my mind at ease as to what their intention is. Does this happen to you often?

  2. (Repost)

    This happens quite often. I do the same as you, i ward the doors and windows. This seems to happen to me more in the dark part of the year.