Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poetry: "Daughter Of The Craft"

Daughter Of The Craft

She soars upon the winds of the East

Engulfing the powers of the cosmos within her

All magick is within her hands at this time

It is the bewitching hour ...

The powers of the elements

Surge around her body as she recieves

the gift of foresight.

Exhiliration tears through her soul

because she knows she will never be

the same again...

As the winds caress her body and spirit

The stars seem to change their alignment

Shining with extreme brilliance ...

Life and Death are now one in the same

A continuance of her spiritual path

Each level more intriguing than the next.

She is renewed with the powers of

the universe.

A Daughter Of The Craft

Open and awaiting all things.

Ready to challenge

anything that threatens her realm

Mortal or Immortal

She is ... Magick .

By : Veilwalker


I was recently having coffee with a friend of mine when we somehow got unto the subject of relationships. Since we've both been going through our own little psychodramas, i guess it was only fitting that we shared our issues. ( Yes fellas... we ladies get together and discuss "EVERYTHING". lol
In the middle of our discussion the question came up about internet relationships and also long distance relationships. Do they really work or is it just people getting together for a little harmless flirting? Some say that it's just a waste of time ... nothing will ever truly come of it, others say ... i met my "soul mate" online. Well ... i have issues with the whole soulmate deal but i'll leave that for a future blog . =)
While it is true that there are a few people who may find that special person through the internet. Let's face it ... a person is able to have a multitude of relationships going on at once online! Each person thinks that they're special, when in reality ... they're just a part of a well played game.

What is that saying ?

" Don't hate the player ... hate the game."

Well ... be that as it may. What happens to that particular person who opened their heart a little too much, only to find that it was all a lie and that she/he was only one of many?

What do you say to that person?

Is there anything you can say?

I don't think so because emotions become involved and the heart knows no bounds. It searches for that connection that will bring love. Sometimes it latches on to the promise of all those things that it seeks even when the instincts kick in and tries to give warnings. The heart usually overrides the red flag that is flying high! lol

Thus, the other person is usually left with hurt feelings, wondering how they could have allowed such a thing to happen. I think that only time can heal this type of thing. Eventually the hurt will fade and life goes on.

Sounds simplistic doesn't it ... it's not.

I now pose the question to all of you ...
What are your views on internet relationships?

Do you think that long distance relationships can work?

What Say Ye ?

Gentle Breezes,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can You Teach Me ?

Over the past few months i have been approached by several would be students who wished to learn Witchcraft. First of all i sit down with them and try and find out why they think this path is for them and also why they came to me in particular.

Is it because it's the cool thing to do now or does it go much deeper ? I've been on my path for many years and will admit that there were times .. that it was not easy. Sometimes i walked alone, but i have no regrets because i always seemed to end up aligned with someone who also walked a magickal path, most of the time not Witchcraft. Which made my personal life even more interesting!

But i digress...

Learning Witchcraft is a lifelong process. There are no " Insta-Witches" and you just can't swing by and grab a little " McWitchcraft" and call it a day! There is much work involved.

In the Wiccan Tradition they have what is called " a year and a day". This is so the student can learn slowly, absorb the information and practice the skills that have been shown to them.

If the person is going into a particular tradition, the practices and customs of that tradition must be learned. Of course, even though you may enter into a tradition, there may be times that you cannot meet with circle members. This is when you're on our own and tend to perform workings in "YOUR" own way.

True learning happens slowly.

Don't rush have time.

In the past when a teacher took on a student/apprentice. A certain amount of time passed before they were deemed ready to try certain skills that the teacher was showing them. They watched, listened and sometimes tried. As time went on because of practice, the student grew strong in their skills and even mastered them.

In this day and age everyone wants things to be quick and easy. I'm sorry my friend , patience and perserverance will be what you need to aid you in this particular quest. Some will journey forward, others will not. For those who do not continue along this path, it does not mean that you're a failure. Not in the least !!! It simply means that you will journey onward to find the path that "IS" right for you. I was your friend and teacher before and will continue to be your friend now.

You may always call on me.

Read, Absorb, Practice and i promise you...

You will attain your goal.

Gentle Breezes,

Poem: " Before The Circle Is Cast"

Before The Circle Is Cast...

Herbs and Oils

To aid in spells

Candles and stones

We all know well.

Moon and stars

we chart by the hour

Circles and chants

To add more power.

Erzulie, Isis, Goddess Bast

Sometimes are invoked

When the circle

is cast.

With a magickal rhyme

The spell we will set

It might take some time

So please don't fret.

Be sure of your intent

Don't act too fast

Review your content

Before your circle is cast.

By : Veilwalker