Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poetry: "Daughter Of The Craft"

Daughter Of The Craft

She soars upon the winds of the East

Engulfing the powers of the cosmos within her

All magick is within her hands at this time

It is the bewitching hour ...

The powers of the elements

Surge around her body as she recieves

the gift of foresight.

Exhiliration tears through her soul

because she knows she will never be

the same again...

As the winds caress her body and spirit

The stars seem to change their alignment

Shining with extreme brilliance ...

Life and Death are now one in the same

A continuance of her spiritual path

Each level more intriguing than the next.

She is renewed with the powers of

the universe.

A Daughter Of The Craft

Open and awaiting all things.

Ready to challenge

anything that threatens her realm

Mortal or Immortal

She is ... Magick .

By : Veilwalker

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