Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can You Teach Me ?

Over the past few months i have been approached by several would be students who wished to learn Witchcraft. First of all i sit down with them and try and find out why they think this path is for them and also why they came to me in particular.

Is it because it's the cool thing to do now or does it go much deeper ? I've been on my path for many years and will admit that there were times .. that it was not easy. Sometimes i walked alone, but i have no regrets because i always seemed to end up aligned with someone who also walked a magickal path, most of the time not Witchcraft. Which made my personal life even more interesting!

But i digress...

Learning Witchcraft is a lifelong process. There are no " Insta-Witches" and you just can't swing by and grab a little " McWitchcraft" and call it a day! There is much work involved.

In the Wiccan Tradition they have what is called " a year and a day". This is so the student can learn slowly, absorb the information and practice the skills that have been shown to them.

If the person is going into a particular tradition, the practices and customs of that tradition must be learned. Of course, even though you may enter into a tradition, there may be times that you cannot meet with circle members. This is when you're on our own and tend to perform workings in "YOUR" own way.

True learning happens slowly.

Don't rush have time.

In the past when a teacher took on a student/apprentice. A certain amount of time passed before they were deemed ready to try certain skills that the teacher was showing them. They watched, listened and sometimes tried. As time went on because of practice, the student grew strong in their skills and even mastered them.

In this day and age everyone wants things to be quick and easy. I'm sorry my friend , patience and perserverance will be what you need to aid you in this particular quest. Some will journey forward, others will not. For those who do not continue along this path, it does not mean that you're a failure. Not in the least !!! It simply means that you will journey onward to find the path that "IS" right for you. I was your friend and teacher before and will continue to be your friend now.

You may always call on me.

Read, Absorb, Practice and i promise you...

You will attain your goal.

Gentle Breezes,


  1. Merry Meet Veil!

    There are those serious seekers for whom this Path resonates like nothing that came before or since ever has. Then there are those who read a book or two and call themselves, Wiccan. Yet as they delve deeper find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the actual learning involved and move on.

    Neither is right, nor wrong. This Path is not for the faint of heart.

    Love you insight!


  2. Hello Veil,Thanks for stopping by my blog.I am not looking to learn witchcraft,but I am always open to making new friends.Wonderful to meet you and have a lovely day!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  3. Hello Cat!

    I'm glad to have you here. This blog is open to all who walk a magickal path not just that of wytchery. :) I'm looking forward to reading your views on various blogs that i will post.

    Gentle Breezes My Friend,